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Love That Sees

Michael Gossett

Anyone that the Lord puts in your path is the person He has given you to be their neighbor. Luke 10:25-37.


Do You Have the Eye of the Tither?

Jesus said there are two places where we can direct our vision. We can open our eyes in wonder to what God is doing and we’ll be people of light. Or we can squint at all the stuff around us and try to hoard as much as we can. When it comes to managing the money God has entrusted to you, where is your focus?


Grace-Full Living

The words “grace” and “give” go together like two peas in a pod. There is a direct link between grace and giving. I’m not saying that in order to experience God’s grace you must give. The opposite it true: When you’re full of God’s grace you will be a generous giver.


Spare Change or Life Change?

One of the greatest life changes you’ll ever experience is when you allow God to change you to become a truly generous person. Are you generous? A truly generous person is too humble to admit, “I’m a generous person.” But when someone is talking about you to others, does the word “generous” come out of their mouths?