Genealogy of Jesus Tag

The Miracle of the Virgin Birth

An interesting thing about the list of names in Jesus’ genealogy is some of the people on the list we might think weren’t spiritually qualified. For instance: Rahab (who was once a prostitute) and Ruth (who was not Jewish, but Moabite). There are some pretty lousy kings who made the list too. Manasseh was one of the worst kings in Israel’s history. The Bible says he led Israel into sin and did more evil than any other king. The point is that God can use all kinds of people. If He can redeem the life of a former hooker, an unclean Gentile, and a lousy king, do not be surprised that He can make something special of your life, even if your past is less than perfect.


The Search for the Real Jesus

There were four areas of witness when Jesus was baptized. Those four witnesses give a powerful testimony to answer the question: Who is Jesus? But there is another question to answer: “What is God trying to say to me?”