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Hope at the Graveside

I’ve stood at the graves of my mother and father. I’ve stood at the grave of many of my Christian friends. And I’m here to say that because of Jesus Christ, I stood there with a sense of hope. I knew that it wasn’t the last time I would see my parents, or my friends. I knew that I wasn’t saying goodbye forever. I was simply saying, “I’ll see you soon.” For those of us who know Christ, that’s what we have that the world doesn’t have, HOPE at the graveside.


Is There Life After Debt?

We live in a culture that promotes greed. Everyone wants more and more, but the truth is LESS is more. The Bible says “godliness with contentment is great gain.” You live in one of two tents; either you’re content, or you’re discontent. We’ve all met people who are never content—things are never the way they want them to be.


Ride the Change Wave

The church of the Lord Jesus Christ must change the way we share God’s message. Notice I didn’t say we need to CHANGE the message, I said we need to change the WAY we share God’s message. There’s a saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Well, the way we’re sharing the gospel must be broke, because it’s not working as well as it once did. We need to wake up to the sobering fact that we aren’t doing a very good job of reaching people in our own nation.


When History and Prophecy Meet

Daniel chapters 10-12 make up one final climactic prophecy. It actually is a clarification and a simplification of the earlier visions Daniel received. In chapter 7 Daniel had a dream of four animals, each representing a kingdom. In chapter 11, there are no statues or animals. The prophecy is shared in a straightforward uncomplicated way. The angel makes it clear he is talking about kings and kingdoms.