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Our Vine Line to God

PRODUCT DISPLAY There’s a difference between producing fruit and displaying fruit. A branch just shows off the fruit that the vine has produced. Jesus is the vine, and I’m the branch. John 15:1-8.


You Might Be Religious But Lost If You…

You don’t have to be a botanist to know the reason you can’t pick grapes from thorn bushes is that a plant only produces fruit after its own nature. An apple hangs on a tree because that tree has an inner apple nature. And Jesus said it doesn’t matter what a person says, you must examine their fruit—their lifestyle—to determine their true nature. I can say anything. For instance, “I’m a car. I’m a car. Beep. Beep.” But just saying it doesn’t make me a car. I don’t have a car nature on the inside, so there is no car exterior. Likewise, I can say, “I’m a Christian! I’m a Christian!” But don’t take my word for it, look to see if I have the nature of Christ displayed in my life.


Do You Hear the Fruit?

FBefore you get this new heart, it is impossible to obey God and to please Him. It’s like your heart is made of stone. But when He puts His Holy Spirit into your heart, you are regenerated, made alive. And you will find He even places the desire there for you to obey Him. Have you had a heart transplant? If you haven’t, it’s impossible for you to produce godly fruit, because you still have an old sinful, human nature dominating.