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Lord, Heal Our Land

David Dykes

For God to heal our land, we must discover and recover the faith of our Founding Fathers and acknowledge God as the source of liberty. Celebrate Freedom 2020. Psalm 147:3-6.


The Faith of Our Forefathers

Our founders believed in absolute moral truth. They believed there is a basis of right and wrong. Truth is not relative. Truth isn’t what the King or the British Parliament decreed. The Bible teaches there is a God-given sense of right and wrong placed in every human heart: A conscience. This truth is self-evident.


Blessed is the Nation, part 1

We’re living again in days of moral darkness and moral decay. It’s not the first time in our history that our culture has slipped into moral decline. The impetus for every spiritual awakening is when God’s people got outside the four walls of the church and showed their culture God’s love in practical ways.


Our Foundations are Being Destroyed

For most of our nation’s history, we have recognized the moral foundation of the Bible, but that is no longer the case. When the religious foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?


I Love America 2014: America Must Return to God

Some people look at the Korean War and wonder: What was the use? It seems we wasted our time in Korea. That’s looking at it from man’s perspective. Let’s look the Korean War from heaven’s perspective for a moment. There was a terrible war going on, but we sent almost 2,000 chaplains to Korea. They preached the gospel to the people of Korea, especially the children. When the war started, only 2% of South Koreans were Christians, today 32% of South Koreans are followers of Jesus. The work of our military chaplains had an amazing impact on the children who would grow up and become the leaders a generation later.


America at the Crossroads

The security of our liberty is only guaranteed for every generation. Is this generation going to step up, like that greatest generation did and say we must have a revolution—not a revolution against a foreign tyranny—but a revolution of righteousness against those forces in America that would try to divert us from the road of righteousness that has brought us to this place?


One God Over Our Nation

The Bible teaches that not only does the Creator want to have a personal relationship with you through Jesus Christ, but that God also chooses to have relationships with nations; and nations are accountable before God. I believe we as Americans are blessed more than any nation on the face of the planet and the reason we are so blessed is because God has blessed us. I just want to talk to you today as a friend; not really as a pastor—and of course not as a politician. I want to have a little “fireside chat” as a fellow patriot, somebody who loves America like you do, as someone who still gets a tear in my eye whenever I sing the National Anthem. I just want to share my heart with you.