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God Uses Cracked Pots

A pot or a vessel is designed and created to hold something, not to be an object in itself. Consider for a moment the pots in your kitchen cabinet. As long as they sit there empty, they aren’t really fulfilling the reason they were made. A pot really doesn’t truly become a pot until it’s holding peas, spaghetti, or soup. In the same way, our lives are a contradiction until we understand that God created us to contain something.


The Four Lucky Lepers

There are more recorded miracles Elisha’s ministry than any other biblical character. A study of Elisha and the four Samarian lepers.


The Miracles of Elisha, part 2

Elijah was a great prophet, but then he put his prophetic mantle on Elisha and Elisha said, “I want a double portion of the Spirit that has been on you.” If you happen to count up the miracles Elijah did and Elisha did, you’ll see that under the power of God Elisha performed about twice as many miracles as Elijah did. A study of the miracle of the lepers healed and enemies blinded.