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The Miracle of the Escape to Egypt

What are we to think about those little boys who were killed by Herod? God delivered Jesus, Joseph, and Mary—why didn’t He protect the other children? I don’t know why God chooses to protect some and not others. As we learned earlier, God’s ways and thoughts are not our ways and thoughts. However, I do believe these little boys will occupy a special place in heaven. Stephen is often called the first Christian martyr, but these little boys were actually the first Christian martyrs. They were the first to shed their blood for the One who would later shed His blood for them. I believe God the Father welcomed them into heaven and gave them the special prominence only reserved for His martyrs.


Are You Wandering in the Wilderness?

There are a lot of Christians who are wandering in the wilderness. You can tell you are wandering in the wilderness by the landmarks you pass by every day. Landmark number one is spiritual boredom, when the things of the Christian life don’t excite you.