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The Three Appearances of Jesus

Humanity is like a man who has fallen down into a well, and the Ten Commandments was a set of rules to tell us to keep out of wells after we had already fallen in! But here’s the problem for most people: They don’t know they have fallen in a well and need help.


Deceived by the Light

Reports of near-death experiences have confused a lot of people. Many of us want to know the same thing: what happens at the point of death? In the Old Testament, even Job asked the question everybody wants to know: If a man dies, shall he live again? Death is not a period; it is a comma.


Help! Someone I Love is Dying!

How do you cope with the experience of a terminally ill loved one? Many of you may have experienced or are currently experiencing pain because someone you love is dying. That’s the kind of pain that’s really hard to deal with but it is the kind of pain that just about every one of us will face during life.