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Rotten Living that Leads to Loss

The apostle Paul lists fifteen different sins, but he concludes the list with the words, “and the like.” That means the list isn’t exhaustive: If you don’t find your pet sin listed, that doesn’t mean you get a pass. The fifteen different weeds of the flesh fall into four general categories. A comparison of the weeds of the flesh and the fruit of the Spirit.


Fat Cows of Bashan

Amos warns the spoiled women of Bashan against their sin, ignoring God’s call to repentance, and the consequences of their inaction. Amos 4:1-13.


Don’t Be Drunk on Wine

The Bible does not expressly forbid the use of alcohol or wine, because they didn’t have alcohol as we know it today. But I think total abstinence is the wisest choice for a mature Christian.