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Vision Sunday 2021 Theme: Love East Texas

David Dykes

TINY BUT MIGHTY A single snowflake is just a tiny, beautiful six-sided ice crystal. It is so light and insignificant it will melt in your hand. Alone it’s not much. But when you put trillions of them together like in some of the blizzards up north, they can shut down a major city and an entire region.


Alone, we’re not much, but with the unity of the Spirit and the passion to show God’s love, our message can transform an entire region for Christ. Matthew 22:34-40.


Lord, Heal Our Land

David Dykes

For God to heal our land, we must discover and recover the faith of our Founding Fathers and acknowledge God as the source of liberty. Celebrate Freedom 2020. Psalm 147:3-6.


Jesus: The Great Divider

When it comes to the Body of Christ, the church, there is unity. And we are all ONE in Christ Jesus. But when it comes to how the world reacts to the truth about Jesus, there is always division.


Linked Together in Love

The Bible says if we don’t humble ourselves, God has a way of humbling us. The secret to joy is found when Jesus is first, others are second and you are last. If you have selfishness and pride in your heart, turn from it and repent. Ask God to replace your selfishness with love and to replace your pride with humility. Guard the unity God has created.