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The Danger of Drifting

Drifting is something that happens slowly and gradually. But here’s the truth about spiritual drifting: You never drift toward holiness, you drift toward ungodliness. You never drift into faithfulness, you drift toward faithlessness; you never drift toward goodness, you drift toward wickedness.


Seek God and Live

God outlines Israel’s sins and describes his punishment for them. Amos 5:1-17.


Saul: The Man Who Could Not Be King

Are you aware there is something we may call the “perfect will of God?” There is something that has sometimes been called the “permissive will of God;” it’s not God’s perfect will, but he allows it and then he takes it from that point. God has a perfect will for your life and if you don’t stay completely on track with that, there are some times that God will give you what you ask for. Israel wanted a king. God did not want them to have a king, but he permitted them to have a king and they got what they asked for. This is true in our lives sometimes when we seek that which is less than God’s best.


Moses and Pharaoh

Moses resisted all the compromises of Pharaoh. He said, “No, we’re going to go! Not only are we GOING to go, we’re going to go all the WAY! Not only are we going to go all the way we’re going to take our FAMILIES with us. Not only are we going to take our family with us, we are taking all of our POSSESSIONS with us!” Where have you drawn the line? Do you say, “Well that’s as far as I’m going. I’m a Christian, but I’m not going to go all the way with Jesus. I’m just going to stand on this side and make sure I have my ticket to heaven.” or “I’m going to really get fired up, but I’m going to leave my family out of it!” If you have gone all the way and you say, “I’m going all the way with Jesus. I’m taking everybody I can with me and I’m taking everything I own, everything I possess, and it all is going to be offered to God. That’s what total commitment is all about.


Oddly Godly Parents

Does the time ever come when a parent begins to take a deep breath and breathe a little easier feeling like now their kids are doing okay? I have discovered that as a parent, no matter how old your children are, you still feel a sense of responsibility for them. The difficult thing about being a parent is that suddenly you become a parent and you don’t have any previous training. It’s different from other skills.