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The Tragedy of Spiritual Blindness

It’s pretty easy to sit here two thousand years after the fact and take long-range pot shots at the Pharisees who opposed Jesus. But the sad truth is we have many 21st Century Pharisees in our churches today. John 9:35-41.


A Better Eightfold Path, part 1

Buddhism won’t get you to heaven. There isn’t even any doctrine of heaven in Buddhism. Nirvana is reaching a state of blissful nothingness, whatever that means. Buddha couldn’t even explain it. With that introduction, I want to expose you to a much better eightfold path given in the Bible. This path won’t take you heaven. Jesus is the only way, or path, to heaven. He’s the one-way path to heaven. But once you’re on that path, this eightfold path of attitudes and actions will lead to a blessed life.