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Believing: Life in His Name

David Dykes

THE REST OF THE STORY Jesus has been performing marvelous deeds since the beginning of the beginning. He told the Jews that “before Abraham was, I am.” Jesus has been performing trillions of miracles in this vast universe that we don’t even realize. One of the joys of Heaven will be for us to learn about all the other marvelous miracles that Jesus performed. Final message in the John: Believe and Live! series. John 20:30-31; 21:24-25.


When Jesus Walks into Your Fears

When the disciples were caught in the storm at sea, they couldn’t see Jesus, but the good news was that Jesus could see the disciples. When you’re going through a dark struggle, you may look around and ask, “God where are you?” You may not think you can see God, but you can be certain that God sees you and He cares for you.


Light Your World

Is Jesus the light of the world, or are we the light of the world? Yes. Here’s a simple way to understand it. Jesus is like the sun, and we’re like the moon. We say the moon shines, but it really doesn’t. It’s just a dead rock orbiting the earth. Sometimes the moon doesn’t shine brightly, because the world gets between it and the sun. But at times, when the angle is right, the moon is full and it shines so brightly you can see your own shadow. It only reflects the light from the sun. The sun radiates, and the moon reflects. Like the moon, we only reflect the light of Jesus, and our job is to stay oriented to Him, so the world doesn’t get in our way of reflecting His light. Jesus radiates love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, meekness, faithfulness and self-control. I can’t produce that kind of light, but my job is to simply reflect His nature to others.


Words of Anguish

From the beginning of the beginning of the beginning, God the Father and God the Son had been co-equal and co-existent. They communed together in a relationship which Jesus described as “I and the Father are ONE.” But for those few hours in which Jesus became sin for us, that bond was somehow broken. Did you notice Jesus addressed God with the title, “God?” Every other time Jesus spoke to God He called Him, “Abba” which means “Father” or “Daddy.” The first word from the Cross was “Father, forgive them.” The last word from the cross was “Father, into your hands…” But at this central moment of His suffering, Jesus called God, “Eloi” or simply “God.” My two daughters have always called me “Daddy.” This cry of Jesus would be like one of my daughters calling me Mr. Dykes.


No Excuse!

Have you ever wondered what the eternal destiny is of a person who is born and raised and lives and dies in a place where they never once have access to a Bible, they never hear about God, they never hear the Christian message? What’s going to be their eternal destiny? What about a person who is faithful to another religion, say Buddhism or Islam all their lives? Is God going to excuse them? Is God going to excuse those people who never had access to the Bible?


Points of Light

Have you ever walked into a dark restaurant during the daytime and you can hardly see anything? And you sit down at a table and try to read the menu? But after a few moments your eyes become adjusted and you get used to the dark and it doesn’t bother you anymore. Sadly, the same thing has happened spiritually in America. We’ve become accustomed to the darkness. Things that ought to bother us don’t bother us anymore.