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Grace for the Disgraced

If you know of a fellow believer who has dropped out because of sin and shame, will you go to them? The goal of your confrontation isn’t to condemn them or demean them. Your goal is to help them deal with their sin, repent, and come clean before the Lord.


Repairing Fractured Friendships

In our consumer-driven culture, we tend to work harder to accumulate possessions than we do friendships. But people matter more to God than anything else. Have you discovered people are much more valuable than things? When you do you’ll cherish friendships and relationships and do anything you can to maintain them, and to repair the ones that are broken.


Unpleasant Message? Attack the Messenger!

Amos gave a consistent message of God’s judgement. He did not back up, shut up or let up. He kept preaching the same message God had given him: Repent or judgement is coming. Amos 7:10-17.