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Test Time

Some people read their Bibles like a tax attorney reading the IRS code looking for loopholes. But God wants us to read and study His Word like a love letter He has written to guide us through our daily lives. When you’re asked a question that involves morality or ethics, is your first response, “What does the Bible say?”


The N.T. Condensed Version of the Gospel

That phrase “in the Holy Spirit” covers all three of those, righteousness in the Holy Spirit, peace in the Holy Spirit, and joy in the Holy Spirit. When you understand that, anyone who serves Christ in this way is pleasing to God (vertical relationship) and is approved by men. That’s your horizontal relationship. That is the condensed essence of the gospel of the kingdom of God.


Hey! A Christian Can’t Do THAT!

There are things we face in life that do not fall neatly into the right or wrong categories. There are some things we’re faced with, some areas of conduct that the Bible really doesn’t address. That’s what Paul is addressing.