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Do You Read Me?…Over

We should be quick to listen, but we should be very slow when speaking. God gave you two ears and one mouth for a purpose: you should listen more than you talk. Few people ever got into trouble from saying too little, but people talking too much have caused multitudes of miseries. Some people put their mouths in motion before their brains are in gear. I like the saying that goes, “Measure your words carefully. If you think by the inch and speak by the yard you’ll soon be kicked by the foot.”


Men are from Pluto and Women are from Mercury

Men and women are different and if you don’t try to understand some of those differences, you’ll have trouble in marriage, or in the workplace, or in relating to people of the opposite sex. Some guys just don’t want to learn; some women don’t want to learn. They think ignorance is bliss. No. In marriage ignorance is absolute misery if you don’t understand the special, unique differences between you and your spouse.