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Kids in the Kingdom

As an adult you may be waiting until you understand salvation before you accept it. You’ll never understand it. You only have to accept God’s free gift of eternal life. That’s easy for a child to understand, but difficult for an adult. God isn’t looking for childish behavior, but He is looking for a childlike spirit. In a real sense, only children go to heaven–God’s children.


Desperate Households

Compared to the rest of the world, most American families are wealthy and have plenty to eat, but there is also plenty of turmoil, because the most important ingredient for family happiness is not how much money is in the bank, but how much love and laughter is in the home.


Insanity is Hereditary: You Get it from Your Kids, part 1

Kid’s can drive their parents crazy sometimes—but for some of us, it’s not a very long drive to start with! In this section of the Bible, we’ve been seeing how God gives very practical advice on how we should live in relationship with others. In this passage, we find God’s directions for children and parents.


Jesus Loves the Little Children

There is a difference between being “childish” and “childlike.” The Bible warns us many times about the dangers of spiritual immaturity, but there are some wonderful qualities in children that are necessary for us to enter God’s Kingdom. If you don’t reflect these qualities, you’ll never see it. There are three simple qualities describing a childlike spirit: a sense of awe and wonder, simple trust and a spirit of forgiveness.


B.I.B.L.E. Truth for Parents

The Bible says in the heart of every child, even at a young age, they have a self-centered nature, a stubborn and rebellious nature. I believe that if America is going to survive, we must get back to the old-fashioned biblical principles of raising children. We have allowed too many liberal social scientists to tell us that we should never inflict any kind of pain on our children.