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Receive to Believe

Now what does it mean to “receive Jesus?” The word “receive” simply means to welcome in. It’s like when someone comes to your front door and you invite him or her to come in.


Meet the Holy Family

To say we’re all God’s children is an attractive, tolerant way to speak about people today, but it’s not in the Bible. We are all part of the family of mankind, but we aren’t all part of the family of God. We are all God’s creatures (created by God), and God loves everyone and wants them to be saved, but only those who put their faith in Jesus Christ become His children.


All in the Family

You can rejoice because the Father lovingly chose us. It was His love that caused us to be chosen by him. Have you ever stopped and thought, “Why me? Why did God choose me to be his child?” It just pleased God to do so. It gave God pleasure to choose you to be his child. And when God does something he does it so he derives personal pleasure from it. That’s why he did it.