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Have You Confirmed Your Reservation in Heaven?

Jesus is preparing a place for us. But don’t imagine a private room with walls and a door you can lock, like a hotel. There will be no need for locks in Heaven. Think about sharing a big house with all the other Heavenly Family members—more like a bed and breakfast.


When the Roll is Called up Yonder…Who’ll Be There?

Will there be a roll call up there? Well, we’re going to learn in this message that God not only loves the whole world of humanity, but He loves individuals enough to write their names down in a book in heaven, and Jesus said we should rejoice, because our names are written there.


America Makes Sodom Look Good

Most of us have computers and we are part of the new information highway carrying ideas and information around the world. But while we are seeing a technological surge in America, we are suffering from a spiritual and moral meltdown.


God’s Final Forecast

Some of you think you can live with one foot in the world and with one foot in the kingdom of Jesus. You have two lifestyles, one for church and one for the rest of the time. As we get closer to the end, this option will disappear, like a boat drifting away, and you have one foot on the dock and one foot in the boat, you are going to have to decide: Jesus or this world? The boat is moving away, and if you don’t decide–splash!–you end up all wet!


Preparing for Your Final Appointment

The foundation of salvation is Jesus Christ, but we are all building a superstructure of Christian service, some using gold, silver, precious stones, that means it really lasts, it’s permanent, some using wood, hay and stubble, that means it’s perishable, temporary. But when we stand before the Lord, he’ll try it with the fire of his eyes and he’ll pass out rewards. Some of you are thinking you don’t want any rewards. That’s the point. If you’re serving the Lord for rewards, you won’t get any but if you’re serving the Lord because you love him and because you obey him, you can’t help but get rewards. He is the one determining it—not you.


What’s a Millennium, Anyway?

Have we ever lived in a world and do we live in a world right now where all the governments of the world are upon the shoulders of Jesus? When the Security Council of the United Nations meets in New York do they fall on their knees and say, “Lord Jesus, this is your world and what do you want us to do”? Of course not. That hasn’t happened yet–but it will! Why do you think Jesus told us to pray in the Lord’s Prayer, “Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven?” I believe the Bible teaches the time will come when Jesus will live and reign on Earth and we’re going to reign with him!


How to Wake up a Dead Church

I have never wrung a chicken’s neck, but my mother had an expression, “The most active chicken in the barnyard is the one who just had its neck wrung.” When you wring a chicken’s neck, that chicken is dead, but it’s out there flopping around and running around even though its neck is broken. It’s dead but it’s busy and that’s true of a lot of churches. There’s a lot of activity going on but the church is dead. That’s what Jesus said about this church here at Sardis.