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Blessings Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

God doesn’t just want your first fifteen minutes of a day; He wants you to acknowledge His presence 24/7. He wants you to pray without ceasing. And God doesn’t just want you to serve the Lord here at church two or three hours a week, He wants you to serve Him every day and in every way. And God isn’t just interested in getting 10% of our wealth. What He really wants is YOU–all of you.


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One of the best synonyms for “fellowship” is “friendship.” You may have friendship without Christian fellowship, but it is impossible to have true Christian fellowship without heartfelt friendship. In other words, you may have some friends who aren’t believers, but koinonea (Christian fellowship) will be absent from your relationship. But some of the best and dearest friends you’ll ever have in this life (and you’ll know ‘em forever) are those with whom you have true fellowship.