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Moving from Borderline to Blessing

Do you know what the Israelites ate for 40 years? Manna. God supernaturally fed them with little white wafers that appeared on the ground every morning. When they first saw it they called it manhu, which means “What is it?” Based on the description in the Bible, the closest food we have to it today is Corn Flakes. Corn Flakes are okay, but can you imagine eating corn flakes every meal–for 40 years? It got so bad they longed for the food they ate back in Egypt. Many of the Israelites wanted to return to Egypt, where they had been slaves. When you are living in the wilderness, you find yourself longing for the life you had before you were a Christian.


When the Glory has Departed

God is real! If you make the mistake of robbing him in an offering and trying to use him for your own gain, you are going to experience misery but when you repent that’s when God will be there to help you!