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What AMAZES Jesus?

The people of Nazareth had a dead faith. They doubted Jesus was the Son of God, and there were no miracles done there. The Centurion had a dynamic faith and God rewarded that faith with a miracle. When you face any challenge in life, you’re going to approach it with either doubt or faith and it’s your choice.


Evang-SHOW-lism: Share Your Story with Acts of Kindness

There is a fundamental difference between performing random acts of kindness and intentional acts of kindness that point people to God. The question is, “Who gets the credit?” If you perform a random act of kindness to someone, and say nothing, then you get the credit. If you perform an anonymous act of kindness, the force of human goodness gets the credit. But if you perform an act of kindness in the name of Jesus, you are pointing people to God.


Get Good and M.A.D. for Christ’s Sake

Without getting into a debate about WHY we do good, let’s start with the premise that God is good and He has commanded us to perform good works for Jesus’ sake. (Ephesians 2:10) Before you and I were even born, God prepared for us some acts of kindness that we can perform for Jesus’ sake. So start looking for someone—it might even be a stranger—who needs a cup of cold water.