How to Stay Sane in a Changing World

1It is not change that creates stress. Is is our resistance to change that causes our stress. Why is that? Because we like the old ways; we like the old days; we like the old things. We don’t like to be disturbed out of our comfort zone. Our tendency is to hang on to that which is comfortable. Focus on that which NEVER changes, those things which you can anchor your soul to.

How to Deal with Emotional Burnout

2We’ve got to learn God’s rhythm of work and rest, work and rest, work and rest. Why do you think God rested on the seventh day of creation? Because He was tired? No. God never gets tired. He was trying to teach us that if you work all the time and stay wound up all the time and you don’t stop and rest on a regular basis, you’ll wear yourself out spiritually, relationally and physically.

How to Keep Stress from Becoming Distress

3Have you ever noticed how when a rubber band is kept at its maximum tension for a long time that it loses its elasticity? That can happen to people. When you perform at your maximum stress level for a long time, you can lose your effectiveness. We all know what happens. Sometimes the pressure builds up until finally it snaps and there is a breakdown.

How to Deal with Difficult People

4When God is trying to teach you how to love, don’t think for one moment He is going to send some wonderful, kind, sweet, loveable person into your life. He’s going to toss some old bear of a person into your life and say, “You love on that one for awhile, and then I’ll send you another one.” That’s the challenge. That’s why He said, “This is why you need my power to do it.”

When Your Life Seems Out of Control

5We can’t control the weather. God is in control and He says he makes it rain on the just AND the unjust. There are a lot of things in life you can’t control but you should be able control how you react to adverse circumstances.