Romans 1

  1:1 The Résumé of a Real Christian

  1:2-6 The Good News About Jesus

  1:7-15 What’s in the Heart of a Believer?

  1:16-17 Not Ashamed!

  1:18-25 No Excuse!

  1:26-27 Homosexuality: Lifestyle or Deathstyle?

  1:28-32 The Slippery Slope of Sin

Romans 2

  2:1-16 The Law Written on Your Heart

  2:17-29 The False Security of Religion

Romans 3

  3:1-8 Objection Overruled!

  3:9-20 Look in the Mirror

  3:21-31 God of Grace and God of Glory

Romans 4

  4:1-17 Faith 101

  4:16-25 A Credit Line of Righteousness

Romans 5

  5:1-5 A Foretaste of Glory Divine

  5:3-4 Don’t Waste Your Sorrows

  5:5-11 The Blessed Benefits of God’s Love

  5:12-21 A Tale of Four Kings

Romans 6

  6:1-7 Many People in One Grave

  6:8-14 Wanted: Dead and Alive

  6:15-22 Free at Last!

  6:23 Life’s Greatest Choice

Romans 7

  7:1-6 When a Second Marriage is Better

  7:7-13 Have You Reached the Age of

  7:14-25 Correcting Your “I” Problem

  7:15, 18 Keep it in the Fairway

Romans 8

  8:1-4 The Joy of the Spirit-Filled Life

  8:5-11 Mindset = Lifestyle

  8:12-17 All in the Family

  8:18-25 Hang on to Hope

8:26-27 The Groanings of the Spirit

  8:28 God’s Infallible Guarantee

  8:28-30 God’s Incredible Plan

  8:31-39 God’s Inescapable Love

Romans 9

  9:1-5 Are You Concerned About Your Friends Without Christ?

  9:4-18 God’s Freedom of Choice

  9:19-33 Stumbling Over God’s Stepping Stone

Romans 10

  10:1-8 Religious–But Lost!

  10:8-13 Saving Faith: A Matter of the Heart

  10:13-21 Do You Need a Faith Lift?

Romans 11

  11:1-15 From Rejection to Reconciliation

  11:16-25 A Branch Can Never Boast

  11:25-36 Our God Is an Awesome God

Romans 12

  12:1-2 Your Supreme Act of Worship

12:1-8 The Gifted Gene: A Disciple Serves up Sacrificially guest speaker Tim Roberts

  12:3-6 How Beautiful is the Body of Christ

12:6-8 Finding My Place on God’s Team

  12:6-8 Unwrap Your Spiritual Gifts

  12:9-10 The Greatest of These is Love

  12:11-13 Stop Enduring Life and Start Enjoying It

  12:14-16 Five Laws for Healthy Relationships

  12:17-21 How to Deal with Mean People

Romans 13

  13:1 Wake Up, America

  13:1-7 Get Good and M.A.D. for Our Country’s Sake

13:1-7 How to Be a Christian Citizen

  13:6-10 The Debt of Love I Owe

  13:11-14 Wake Up and Get Dressed!

Romans 14

  14:1-12 Hey! A Christian Can’t Do THAT!

  14:13-23 Love is Better Than Liberty

  14:17-18 The N.T. Condensed Version of the Gospel

Romans 15

  15:1-6 The Beauty of Unity

  15:7-13 A Church With an Open Door

  15:14-16 State of the Church Address

  15:17-22 Preaching Where Christ is Not Known

15:17-24 Going Where Christ is Not Known

15:17-24 What is Your Missions Ambition?

15:20-21 When the Gospel Goes Global

  15:23-33 Blessings are to be Shared–Not Stored

Romans 16

  16:1-20 The Power of Positive Encouraging

  16:21-27 To God Be the Glory!