The Gospels

Matthew 1

    1:1-24 The Miracle of the Virgin Birth

    1:7 The Lord of Angels

    1:18-25 The Reason for the Season

  1:21 The Man Who Divided History

Matthew 2

2:1-12 Follow a Star to a Savior

  2:1-12 The First Star Trek

    2:1-12 The Miracle of the Magi

    2:12-23 The Miracle of the Escape to Egypt

Matthew 3

    3:11-17 The Miracle of Jesus’ Baptism

Matthew 4

    4:1-11 The Miracle of Overcoming Satan

    4:12-17 The Parables of the Kingdom

    4:18-25 The Doctor’s Gone Fishin’

Matthew 5

    5:1-3 Refresh! What to Do When Life Crashes

    5:1-4 I Believe God Can Help Me

    5:1-5 I’ll Be Meek Without Being Weak

    5:1-6 I’ll Cooperate with God’s Change Process

    5:1-7 I’ll Admit My Faults and Accept God’s Cleansing

    5:1-7 I’ll Build Bridges, Not Walls

    5:1-7 I’ll Show Mercy Because I Need Mercy!

    5:10-12 I’ll Wait for My Reward

    5:13 Pass the Salt, Please

    5:14-16 Evang-SHOW-lism: Share Your Story with Acts of Kindness

  5:14-16 Is Your Home a Lighthouse?

  5:14-16 Hope for the Hopeless

    5:14-16 Light Your World

    5:19-20 Connected Through Your Community

Matthew 6

  6:19-24 The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

    6:19-24 What You See Is What You Get!

    6:25-34 Is Your Computer (mind) Infected with the Worry Worm?

Matthew 7

    7:1-5 Who Appointed YOU Judge Judy?!

    7:1-6 Poodles, Pigs and Pearls

    7:7-12 The Parable of Stones and Snakes

    7:13-14 Two Roads, Two Gates and Two Destinies

    7:15-23 You Might Be Religious But Lost If You…

    7:21-27 How to Storm-Proof Your Life

Matthew 8

    8:1-4 The Power of Jesus’ Touch

    8:5-13 The Power of Jesus’ Word

    8:14-17 Jesus is STILL Performing Miracles

    8:18-22 The Parables of Foxes and Funerals

    8:23-28 It’s Just the Storm before the Calm

    8:28-34 Say Goodbye to Your Demons

Matthew 9

    9:1-8 Take Your Faith Through the Roof

    9:9-13 the Doctor Who Still Makes House Calls

    9:14-17 New and Improved!

    9:18-26 Jesus Honors the Faith of a Father

    9:20-22 From Desperation to Deliverance

    9:27-33 Two Words God Loves to Hear

    9:34-38 Do You See What He Sees?

Matthew 10

    10:7-16 If I Could Talk to the Animals

    10:28-31 If His Eye is on the Sparrow…

    10:32-39 The Prince of Peace Carries a Sword

Matthew 11

    11:25-33 Taking His Yoke is No Joke

Matthew 12

    12:9-14 A Sabbath Parable

    12:9-14 A Sabbath Miracle: Stretch Out Your Hand!

    12:22-32 What is the Unforgivable Sin?

    12:33-37 Take Out the Trash Talk

    12:38-42 Are You Waiting on a Sign from God?

    12:46-50 Are You a Part of God’s Forever Family?

Matthew 13

  13:1-9 Love That Shares

    13:1-9; 18-23 How to Multiply Your Influence 100x

    13:24-30 God’s Final Harvest

    13:31-35 Little is Much When God is in it

  13:44 Life’s Greatest Treasure guest speaker Lanny Bridges

    13:44-46 Sell Out and Buy Up!

    13:47-53 God’s Dragnet

Matthew 14

    14:13-21 The ONLY Word Jesus Doesn’t Understand

    14:22-32 Sink or Swim?…or Walk?

    14:22-33 The Power of God guest speaker Michael Gossett

Matthew 15

    15:21-28 Dogging for a Miracle

Matthew 16

    16:1-4 Reading the Signs of the Times

    16:13-23 On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand

    16:24-28 Don’t Waste Your Life

Matthew 17

    17:1-9 His Transfiguration Can Transform You

    17:14-21 The Word IMPOSSIBLE is Not in My Dictionary

    17:22-27 The Money is in the Mouth of the Fish

Matthew 18

    18:1-4 Change, of Course

    18:1-6 Kids in the Kingdom

    18:10-14 The Parable of the Rejoicing Shepherd

    18:15-20 God’s Beautiful Symphony

    18:21-35 Grace: The Gift that Keeps on Forgiving

Matthew 19

    19:16-26 A Camel Through a Needle: A Parable of Impossibility

Matthew 20

    20:1-16 That’s not FAIR! No, that’s GRACE!

    20:17-28 And First Place Goes to…

    20:29-34 Has Jesus Touched Your Eyes?

Matthew 21

    21:10-17 Where Does God Live Today?

    21:18-22 Mountain-Moving Faith

    21:23-32 Why It’s Easier for “BAD” People to Go to Heaven Than “GOOD” People

    21:33-46 The Rejected StONe

Matthew 22

    22:1-14 Your Personal Invitation to the Royal Wedding

    22:15-22 Show Me the Money!

    22:23-33 Is Heaven for REAL?

    22:34-40 Vision Sunday 2021 Theme: Love East Texas

Matthew 23

    23:1-13 You Might Be a Hypocrite if…

    23:23-24 I’ll Take the Camel; but Hold the Gnat

    23:33-39 Safe Beneath His Wings

Matthew 24

    24:32-35 Can We Know WHEN Jesus Will Return?

    24:36-44 Like a Thief in the Night

    24:42-51 Ready or Not, Here I Come!

Matthew 25

    25:1-13 Here Comes the Bridegroom!

    25:13-30 The Parable of the Three Managers

    25:31-46 Jesus’ Last Parable: The Sheep and the Goats

Matthew 26

    26:1-2; 31-34 Living in the Shadow of the Cross

    26:6-16 The Fragrance of Worship

    26:47-56 The Miracle that Never Happened

Matthew 27

    27:27-54 The Miracle of the Cross

Matthew 28

    28:1-15 Seven Words that Rocked the World

  28:16-20 Keeping the MAIN Thing the MAIN Thing

    28:16-20 The Great Commission or the Great Omission?

    28:16-20 Sharing the Miracle of Salvation

28:18-20 A Great Commitment to the Great Commission

28:20 The Power of a Forgotten Promise guest speaker Ken Warren