The Gospels

Mark 1

    1:1-8 God’s Baptist Bulldozer

     1:1-8 The First Baptist Preacher

    1:4-13 The Devil After the Dove

    1:9-13 The Blessing of Baptism

1:12-20 The Challenge and the Call

    1:14-20 If You Aren’t Fishing, Then You Aren’t Following

    1:21-35 Following Jesus for 24 Hours

    1:21-35 A Day in the Life of the Lord

1:35-45 The Touch of the Master’s Hand

    1:35-45 The Healing Touch of Jesus

Mark 2

2:1-12 Who’s Gonna Pay for the Roof?

  2:1-12 Blessed to BE a Blessing

     2:1-12 Working for the Faith Skylight Company

2:13-17 Jesus Loves the IRS and Other Sinners

     2:13-17 Hosting a Supper for Sinners

    2:18-22 Old Whiners or New Wineskins?

2:18-28 How to Handle Criticism

    2:23–3:6 Sabbath: Enjoy the REST of Your Life

Mark 3

3:1-12 The Day Jesus Got Mad

    3:1-12 The Day Jesus Got Good and Mad

    3:13-19 The ReMARKable Power of Teamwork

3:13-19; 6:7-13 The Dedicated Dozen

    3:20-21; 31-35 We Are Family

    3:20-30 The World’s Strongest Man

 3:20-30 The Sin God Won’t Forgive

3:31-34 Part of the Family

Mark 4

    4:1-10 The Perceptive Art of a Receptive Heart

    4:1-20 The Secret of a Fruitful Life

     4:21-25; 33-34 Light and Truth

4:21-34 Power Parables of Jesus

    4:26-32 The Mystery of the Mighty Mustard Seed

4:35-41 Riding Through the Storms of Life

    4:34-41 How to Faith the Storms of Life

Mark 5

5:1-20 The Difference Jesus Can Make

    5:1-20 Jesus’ Power Over Demons

    5:21-23; 35-43 Disappointments May Be His Appointments

    5:21-34 The Life-Changing Touch of Faith

    5:24-34 From Desperation to Deliverance

5:25-34 Reach Out and Touch Someone

5:35-41 How to Move from Despair to Delight

Mark 6

6:1-6 When We Bind the Hands of Jesus

    6:1-6 What Amazes Jesus?

    6:7-13 Shake Off the Dust

    6:14-29 Is ANYTHING Worth Dying For?

6:30-34 Come Apart for a Rest or You’ll Come Apart

    6:30-44 The Miracle of the Minnows and Muffins

6:37-42 The Lesson of the Loaves

6:45-56 When Jesus Walks into Your Fears

    6:45-56 Jesus says, “Don’t Be Afraid”

Mark 7

7:1-13 God’s Truth or Man’s Tradition?

    7:1-23 The Heart of Your Problem is the Problem of Your Heart

7:14-23 The Heart of the Problem is the Problem of the Heart

    7:14-23 Your Cheatin’ Heart

    7:24-30 Faith That Feeds on Crumbs

7:24-37 Jesus Does Everything Well

     7:31-17  The Day Jesus Used Sigh Language

Mark 8

8:1-21 When Your Situation Seems Impossible

8:22-26 The Second Touch

    8:22-26 Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose.

8:27-33 When Good Folks Blow it Bad

     8:27-38  Don’t Waste Your Most Precious Possession

8:34-38 Your Most Precious Possession

    8:38–9:13 Oh, What a Foretaste of Glory Divine!

Mark 9

9:1-10 A Forecast of Glory Divine

9:14-29 Living in the Fourth Dimension

    9:14-32 Living in the Faith Dimension

9:30-42 How to be Great

    9:33-37 From Great to Good

    9:41-42 Get Good and M.A.D. for Christ’s Sake

    9:42-49 Imagine: No Hell Below Us, Above Us Only Sky

9:42-50 Yes, Virginia, There is a Hell

Mark 10

10:1-12 What to do Before You Call the Divorce Lawyer

    10:1-12 God’s Definition of Marriage

10:13-16 Jesus Loves the Little Children

    10:13-16 It’s a Small World…After All!

10:17-22 The Man Who Committed Spiritual Suicide

    10:17-31 The Man Who Had Only Two Things: Everything & Nothing

10:23-31 The Kingdom of God or the Thingdom of Gold?

10:32-45 What’s in it for Me?

  10:35-45 Love That Serves

10:46-52 The Steps Out of Spiritual Blindness

    10:46-52 Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord

Mark 11

    11:1-11 The Passover Party Parade

11:1-26 When Jesus Takes Over

    11:11-19 Keeping God’s House Clean

     11:12-14; 20-26 Figs, Faith and Forgiveness

    11:24-33 God’s Prescription for Powerful Prayer

11:27–12:12 Murder in a Vineyard

Mark 12

    12:1-12 The Case of the Murder in a Vineyard

    12:13-17 When Kingdoms Collide: God or Government?

12:13-27 Straight Answers to Crooked Questions

    12:18-27 What will Life Be Like in Heaven?

    12:28-34 Three Levels of Love, part 1

    12:28-34 Three Levels of Love, part 2

12:28-44 The Greatest of These is Love

    12:38-44 Disgusted or Delighted?

  12:41-44 Giving That Grabs God’s Attention

Mark 13

13:1-13 Jesus’ End-Time Forecast

    13:1-13 Jesus’ Extended Forecast, part 1

13:13-27 Are We Living in the Last Days?

    13:14-27 Jesus’ Extended Forecast, part 2

    13:26-37 Jesus’ Extended Forecast, part 3

13:28-37 What to do Until Jesus Returns

Mark 14

  14:1-10 Extravagant Love Offered to Jesus

14:1-11 Nothing is Too Extravagant for Jesus

    14:1-11 The Beauty of Extravagant Worship

14:10-21, 43-51 Betrayed by a Friend

    14:12-25 The First Truths of the Last Supper

    14:12-31 Sharing the Passover Meal with Jesus

14:22-31, 66-72 For Whom the Rooster Crows

    14:27-31, 66-72 Failure Isn’t Fatal

14:32-42 The Battle of Gethsemane

    14:32-42 The Crushing of Gethsemane

    14:32-52 GETHSEMANE: The World’s Greatest Battle

    14:43-65 The Arrest and Trial of an Innocent Man

14:53-65; 15:1-15 The Trial of Jesus Christ

Mark 15

    15:1-10 Life’s Most Important Question

    15:1-20 The Trial and Torture of the King

15:15-32 The People at Calvary

    15:21-39 CSI Golgotha: Who Killed Jesus?

    15:21-39 When He Was on the Cross, You Were on His Mind

15:32-39 The Real D-Day

    15:33-36 Words of Anguish

    15:40-47 Buried, He Carried My Sins Far Away

15:42–16:8 Good News from a Grave

Mark 16

    16:1-20 He’s Alive! Do You Believe Him?

16:9-20 The Last Will and Testament of Jesus