The Gospels

Luke 1

    1:1-4 Is the Bible Really True?

    1:5-25 The OTHER Miraculous Birth

    1:26-38 Let it Be

    1:26-38 The Blessed Virgin Mary

  1:30-38 Mary, Now We Know

    1:39-56 When Your Heart is Full, You Just Have to Sing!

    1:56-80 The First Baptist: John

1:67-79 What Do We Hope For? guest speaker Nicholas Smith

Luke 2

    2:1-20 The Day God Became a Baby

  2:1-20 Glory in a Manger

    2:4-7 God’s Nativity Activity

2:4-14 O Holy Night

    2:21-40 Have You Recognized Jesus?

    2:41-52 Have You Lost Jesus?

Luke 3

    3:1-20 What is Real Repentance?

    3:21-38 The Search for the Real Jesus

Luke 4

    4:1-13 How to Overcome Temptation

    4:14-30 Homecoming at Jesus’ Church

    4:31-44 The Great Physician is In

Luke 5

    5:1-11 Fishin’ with Jesus

    5:6-11 Fishing Tips from the Master

    5:8-11 How to Fish for Men

    5:12-15 Touching the Untouchable

    5:17-26 How Many Friends Have You Brought to Christ?

    5:27-32 Why Jesus Came to Planet Earth

    5:33-39 Parties, Patches and Wineskins

Luke 6

    6:1-11 What CAN You Do on the Sabbath Day?

    6:12-26 Jesus’ Plain Sermin

    6:27-36 Try a Little Kindness, part 1

    6:27-36 Try a Little Kindness, part 2

  6:27-36 Upside Down

    6:37-38 God’s Four Universal Laws

    6:37-38 iFocus on Giving App

    6:39-42 The Humor of Jesus

    6:43-45 Do You Hear the Fruit?

    6:46-49 How to Build a Storm-Proof Life

Luke 7

    7:1-10 Amazing Faith! How Sweet the Sight

    7:11-17 God is Touched by Our Tears

    7:18-35 When Doubts Arise…

    7:36-50 Would You Kiss the Feet of Jesus?

Luke 8

    8:1-15 How to Cultivate a Teachable Heart

    8:15-25 Jesus is All You Need

    8:26-39 The Day Demons Performed a Swine Dive

    8:40-56 Where There’s Death–There’s Hope!

    8:42-48 Touching Jesus? Or Just Part of the Crowd?

Luke 9

    9:1-9 Packing Light for the Journey of Life

    9:10-17 Jesus is STILL Feeding the Crowd

    9:18-27 The High Cost of Following Jesus

    9:27-36 Transfiguration: Preview of a Coming Attraction

    9:37-45 Down in the Valley With Jesus

    9:46-62 All I Really Need to Know I Learn as I Walk With Jesus, part 1

    9:46-62 All I Really Need to Know I Learn as I Walk With Jesus, part 2

Luke 10

    10:1-24 America Makes Sodom Look Good

    10:25-37 Love That Sees

    10:25-37 Love–Like a Good Neighbor

    10:30-37 What Happens When You L.Y.N.?

    10:38-42 A Tale of Two Sisters

Luke 11

    11:1-4 The Prayer of Jesus

    11:5-13 Prayer That Just Won’t Quit

    11:14-28 The Danger of an Empty Life

    11:29-32 One Greater Than Solomon is Here

    11:39-32 One Greater Than Jonah is Here

    11:33-36 See the Light? Be the Light!

    11:37-54 Six Marks of Dead Religion

Luke 12

    12:1-12 God’s Warning Signs on the Road to Hell

    12:4-7 Facing the Future without Fear

    12:13-21 A Fool’s Formula for Failure

    12:15-21 If God Owns it All, What Am I Doing with It?

    12:20-34 The Greatest Investment You’ll Ever Make

    12:22-33 Don’t Worry–Be Faithful!

    12:32-34 Don’t Be Afraid!

    12:35-40 Ready or Not—Here He Comes!

    12:40-48 The Misery of Spiritual Mismanagement

    12:49-50 Are You Fired Up for Jesus?

    12:51-59 Tuning In to the Spiritual Weather Channel

Luke 13

    13:1-9 Why Do Good People Suffer?

    13:10-21 When You Get Bent Out of Shape

    13:22-30 Have You Found Heaven’s Narrow Door?

    13:31-35 Jesus: The Rejected Lover

Luke 14

    14:1-11 Have a Slice of Humble Pie

    14:12-24 Excuses: The Skin of a Reason Stuffed with a Lie

    14:25-35 Five Marks of a Real Disciple

Luke 15

    15:1-10 What Makes Heaven Happy?

    15:11-24 What is God Really Like?

    15:11-24 How to Return to God

    15:11-32 Grace Anatomy

    15:25-32 The Parable of the Pouting Son

Luke 16

    16:1-18 How Much Can God Trust You?

    16:19-31 Death: The Last Frontier?

    16:19-31 What in Hell Do We Need?

    16:19-31 What Happens After You Die?

Luke 17

    17:1-10 Basic Training for Disciples

    17:11-19 Lessons from a Leper

    17:20-37 Bible Prophecy for Dummies

Luke 18

    18:1-8 P.U.S.H.–Pray Until Something Happens

    18:9-14 The Peril of Proud Praying

    18:15-17 Jesus Loves the Little Children

    18:15-30 Can You Pass a Camel Through the Eye of a Needle?

    18:31-34 The Road to the Cross

    18:35-43 What the Blind Man Saw

Luke 19

    19:1-10 Zacchaeus: Out on a Limb for Jesus

    19:11-27 Use It or Lose It!

    19:28-44 Palm Sunday: The Tearful Entry

    19:28-45 A Day of Cheers and Tears

    19:45-48; 20:1-8 & 20:20-26 Good Answers to Bad Questions

Luke 20

    20:9-19 The Shocking Truth About God

    20:27-47 One Bride for Seven Brothers

Luke 21

    21:1-4 Pennies for Heaven

    21:5-36 Back to the Future, part 1

    21:26-36 Back to the Future, part 2

Luke 22

    22:1-30 Uninvited Guests at the Last Supper

    22:31-38; 5-62 How to Survive Satan’s Sifting

    22:39-53 The Bitter Cup of Suffering

    22:47-71 What’s Your Verdict?

Luke 23

    23:26-38 The Place of the Skull

23:32-38 The Forgiveness of the Cross

    23:33, 39-43 Three Cross-Roads

    23:33-34 Words of Grace

    23:39-43 Words of Promise

    23:44-47 Words of Victory

    23:44-56 The Extreme Love of the Cross

    23:50–24:12 The End of Your Grave Problems

Luke 24

    24:1-6 Words of Life

    24:13-34 Is There HOPE for My Broken Heart?

    24:13-35 On the Road with Him

    24:36-53 It’s Not the End, It’s Just the Beginning!