The Gospels

John 1

    1:1-3 In the Beginning

    1:1-9 Light and Life to All He Brings

    1:10-13 Receive to Believe

    1:14-18 Full of Grace and Truth

    1:19-28 John the Baptist: The Great I AM NOT

    1:29-34 Look to the Lamb of God

    1:35-51 Jesus: A Man’s Man

John 2

    2:1-12 Jesus Saves the Best for Last

    2:13-25 The Third Temple Exists Today

John 3

    3:1-13 How Many Times Have You Been Born?

    3:14-15 Look and Live!

    3:16 God’s Love: The Most Powerful Force in the Universe

    3:16 The Turning Point of Human History

    3:16-18 Bad News–Good News

    3:16-18 Come to the Light

    3:16-18 Meet the God Who Loves You

    3:22-30 Attitudes for a Successful Life

    3:31-36 Three “Musts” You Can Trust

John 4

    4:1-19 Three Strikes and You’re NOT Out!

    4:5-39 Is There HOPE When I’ve Messed Up?

     4:7-26 Living Water and Loving Worship, part 1

     4:7-26 Living Water and Loving Worship, part 2

     4:27-42 A Dream of Fields

    4:27-42 iFocus Opportunities App

4:34-38 1992 Pastor’s Challenge

     4:43-54 Believing IS Seeing

John 5

      5:1-16 Do You WANT to Get Well?

      5:16-23 Who is Equal to God?

      5:22-30 It’s GOOD to Know the Judge

      5:31-47 Moses Knew About Jesus!

John 6

      6:1-15 All You Can Eat…and MORE

    6:16-21 When Jesus Walks into Your Fears

    6:22-35; 47-60 The Great I AM: the Bread of Life

    6:35-46; 60-70 The Wonder of Salvation

    6:60-71 The Danger of Defective Discipleship

John 7

      7:1-20 How to Handle Disappointments and Disagreements

      7:19-36 When Jesus was in a Feast Fight

      7:37-39 The Secret of an Overflowing Life

        7:37-52 Jesus: The Great Divider

        7:53–8:11 Where Misery and Mercy Meet

John 8

        8:12-29 Jesus: The Light of the World

        8:30-42 The Truth Will Set You Free; Or It Will Make You Mad

        8:39-47 Like Father, Like Son

      8:48-59 Death Removed

John 9

      9:1-5 The Night is Coming… (Audio: Michael Gossett; Transcript: David O. Dykes)

      9:1-12 Here’s Mud in Your Eye

      9:13-38 The Blind Man’s Bluff

      9:35-41 The Tragedy of Spiritual Blindness

John 10

      10:1-10 Jesus is the Only Gate to Heaven

10:7-10 Never Forget–HOPE!

      10:10-21 What’s So Good About the Good Shepherd?

      10:22-29 Once His Lamb, ALWAYS His Lamb

    10:29-42 The Transforming Truth About Jesus

John 11

    11:1-16 God’s Delays Are Not God’s Denials

      11:17-27 Jesus Turns Setbacks into Comebacks

      11:28-44 The Lazarus Lesson

    11:45-57 Who’s in Control Here?

John 12

    12:1-11 The Fragrance of Pure Worship

12:1-11 Worship is NOT a Spectator Sport

    12:12-19 The Day Jesus Reigned on Their Parade

    12:20-32 Are You Just Living to Die or Dying to Live?

    12:27-36 The Magnetism of the Cross

      12:37-50 The Only Sin God Won’t Forgive

John 13

    13:1-17 Clean Feet in a Dirty World

      13:18-30; 36-38 The Danger of Pride and Pretense

      13:31-35 How to Love Like Jesus Loves

John 14

    14:1-6 Have You Confirmed Your Reservation in Heaven?

    14:1-11 God’s Cure for Heart Trouble

    14:12-26 The Lord Living in Us

14:18 Emmanuel Nnyanzi

    14:27-31 The Promise of Peace

John 15

    15:1-8 Our Vine Line to God

  15:9-13 Complete the Joy

  15:9-17 How to Enjoy the Joy Jesus Enjoyed

    15:12-27 How to Treat Your Friends and Enemies

    15:26-27; 16:1-15 The Holy Spirit’s Job Description

John 16

    15:26-27; 16:1-15 The Holy Spirit’s Job Description

    16:16-33 Moving from Sorrow to Joy

    16:28-33 I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

    16:28-33 From an Empty Throne to an Empty Tomb

John 17

    17:1-12 The World’s MVP

  17:11-19 What in the World am I Doing?

    17:20-26 Three Requests Jesus Prayed for You

John 18

    18:1-11 How to Keep Your Cool in a Crisis

    18:15-18; 25-27 Moving from Denial to Restoration

  18:12-14; 28-32 See You in Court

      18:33-40 Jesus is the Answer

John 19

    19:1-5 A Cruel Crown on a Sacred Head

    19:5-16 The Danger of Mob Mentality

    19:17-27 The Faces at Golgotha

    19:25-27 Words of Grace

    19:28-30 Words of Anguish

    19:28-30 Words of Victory

    19:28-30 The Word Heard Around the World

    19:28-37 The Water and the Blood

    19:38-42 The Day Death was Buried

John 20

      20:1-2 The Fullness of Empty

      20:1-18 A Tomb with a View

    20:1-18 Three Easter Questions You Must Answer

    20:2-8 The Echo from the Empty Tomb

    20:19-23 Breath of Heaven

    20:19-29 My Lord and My God!

    20:30-31; 21:24-25 Believing: Life in His Name

John 21

    21:1-14 Sharing the Lord’s Breakfast

    21:15-23 The Beauty of Restoration