James 1

  1:1-12 How to Turn Your Trials into Triumph

  1:2-8 What Have We Learned in 2020?

  1:13-18 How to Whip Temptation

  1:19 Do You Read Me?…Over

  1:19-26 How Well Do You Hear?

1:26-27 The Evidence of Pure Religion

1:26-27 What is Pure Religion?

  1:27 Get Good and M.A.D. for the Children’s Sake

James 2

2:1-13 The Folly of Favoritism

2:14-26 Does Your Faith Really Work?

James 3

3:1-12 How to Tame Your Tongue

3:1-12 Hung by the Tongue

3:1-12 Winning the W.A.R. of Words

3:13-18 Wise Up, O Men Of God

James 4

4:1-4 Are You a Defeated Christian?

4:11-17 What is Your Life?

4:4-4-10 How to Experience Personal Renewal

James 5

5:1-6 The Person Who Itches for Riches

5:12-15 Lessons That Liberate

5:16-18 How to Have a Million-Dollar Prayer Life

5:19-20 The Greatest Business in the World

5:7-11 How to Learn the Art of Patience