Galatians 1

    1:1-6 Galatians: Our Emancipation Proclamation

    1:3-9 The Bad News Gospel

    1:10-12 The Perils of People-Pleasing

    1:11-24 From Terrorist to Evangelist

Galatians 2

    2:1-10 Born (Again) Free

    2:11-16 Too Graced to be Two-Faced

    2:14-21 How God Rescues Sinners

    2:20 Are You Wired for 220?

    2:21–3:5 “Bewitched”

Galatians 3

    3:6-14 Far as the Curse is Found

    3:15-25 Grace: The Great Escape

    3:26-29 The Ground is Level at the Foot of the Cross

Galatians 4

    4:1-7 From Slaves to Siblings

  4:4-5 God’s Impeccable Sense of Timing

    4:8-11 Don’t Go Back!

    4:12-20 What Happened to Your Joy?

    4:21-31 Who’s Your Mama?

Galatians 5

    5:1-4 Give Me Liberty…or Give Me Legalism

    5:4-12 Can You Fall from Grace?

    5:13-15 Set Free to Serve–NOT to Sin

    5:16-22 The Inner Uncivil War

    5:19-23 Rotten Living that Leads to Loss

    5:19-25 The Secret to a Fruitful Life

    5:22 The Greatest of These is Love

    5:22-23 JOY is a Choice–Not a Feeling

     5:22-23 Jesus is Your Source for Serenity

     5:22-23 I Want Some Patience–NOW!

     5:22-23 Kiss ‘Em with Kindness

     5:22-23 Good for You!

     5:22-23 A Long Obedience in the Same Direction

     5:22-23 People are Fragile–Handle with Care

     5:22-23 Who’s in Charge Around Here?

    5:25–6:1 Grace for the Disgraced

Galatians 6

    6:2-5 How to Handle Burdens

    6:6-8 The Law of the Harvest: You’ll Pick What You Plant

    6:7-10 Never Give Up…Never, Never, Never!

    6:11-15 One Cross: Three Crucifixions

    6:14-18 Every Scar Has a Story