Turning Tears into Telescopes

The Peril of Fair Weather Faith

1What kind of faith do you have? Is it a fair weather faith? As long as things are good, you’re okay with God? Or do you have a foul weather faith–when a crisis comes you go running to the Lord? Jesus said that the Heavenly Father makes it rain on the just and the unjust alike, so make sure you have an all-weather faith.

Surrounded by God’s Hedge of Protection

2Satan is always trying to breach God’s hedge of protection. Unless God had allowed Satan to test Job, he never could have touched Job. When our faith is firm and we pass the test, God establishes the hedge even stronger than it was before.

What to do with Your World Crumbles in

3Whenever we suffer, we immediately look for someone to blame. And God gets blamed for a lot of suffering today. But in spite of his pain, and his unanswered questions, Job never charged that God was wrong.

Would I be Better Off Dead?

4God can take the most terrible situation imaginable and make something beautiful out of it. Our God is an awesome God and I’m glad He is in control. Whenever you go through tough times, you can either look for the junk or you can look for the joy. And in the end, God rewarded Job’s persistence and patience.

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

5Job was the target of hostility from his friends, but he refused to direct hostility back toward them. Job refused to become bitter about his friends’ false accusations. He said, “I’m not going to treat you the way you treated me. I’m going to treat you the way I want to be treated.”

The Insomnia of Despair

6During Job’s time of testing, he suffered from the insomnia of despair. If you’ve ever lost a night’s sleep worrying about something, maybe there’s something you can learn from this message. We’re going to consider the reasons for insomnia and then we’re going to talk about the remedy for it.

I Need an Umpire!

7Job expressed his frustration at not being able to talk to God as an equal. He cried out for an umpire, a mediator. Too many people think they don’t need this spiritual mediator. They think they can find God on their own. But if you’ve ever committed one sinful act, or had one sinful thought in your life, you have disqualified yourself from being a mediator with God.

Hope in the Midst of Pain

8Job used his tears as telescopes to look ahead to what God had in store for him. Even in his pain, Job confessed his belief in the goodness of God. He believed he would meet God and that God would forgive his sins. As we join Job on his journey in this lesson, notice his temptation, testimony and trust.

The One Thing Worth Knowing

9Do you realize everything we see around us is temporary? All the mansions, all the skyscrapers, all the money, all the fame will soon be gone. But when you know Jesus you are in a permanent relationship.

The Wisdom of Youth

10If God had delegated creation to me, I would have done things differently. I would have created a world where there is no disease or accidents or, terrorism, birth defects, or killer weather. But wait—God did create a world like that didn’t He? But he also created something extremely powerful: Human choice. When mankind chose to sin, we unleashed a horrible chain reaction of natural and accidental evil into the world.

God’s Voice in the Storm

11The Bible is not a science textbook that tells us HOW we were created. It is God’s love letter that tells us WHY we were created. Man is arrogant enough to suggest how life began, but everything man says is pure speculation and hypothesis, because as God reminded Job, nobody was around to see it!

What to do When You Run Out of Answers

12We have now reached the climax of the book of Job. God finished questioning Job, and was waiting for Job’s reply. Job finally gets it and responds to God in the proper way. If you are suffering and hurting, this is way you need to react as well.

Life’s Turning Points

13The difference between Jesus and the devil is the devil always serves his best first and then it gets progressively worse. But with Jesus, He always saves the best for last. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, the best part of your existence is ahead of you—it may come after you die, but it will come. If you aren’t a Christian, this is as good as it will ever get for you.