for Me?

Is There HOPE for My Broken Heart?

1Hope is what gives people the reason to go on even when their hearts are broken; that’s exactly what Jesus does. He gives out hope to everyone who encounters Him. Has there been such pain and disappointment that you’ve wondered, “What’s the use?” Jesus is willing and able to heal your broken heart, but you’ve got to be willing to give him all the pieces.

Is There HOPE When I’ve Messed Up?

2There are no beauty contests when it comes to God’s love. There is nothing you can do to earn God’s love. He knows me for who I really am, and He still loves me–warts and all.

Is There Any HOPE When I Feel Afraid?

3If you let your mind run away, you can start entertaining all kinds of thoughts about bad things that could happen. As you look toward the rest of this year, is there a feeling of fear of what might happen? God is not the author of fear. The devil is the sinister minister of fear. He knows that if he can keep you in fear, you’ll be ineffective as a Christian.

Is There Any HOPE When I Feel Like Quitting?

4The difference between a big problem and a small problem is a big problem is anything I’m going through and a small problem is anything you’re going through. It’s like minor surgery–it’s never minor when it’s on you! If you isolate yourself from others, you become an easy target for the devil’s discouragement.

Is There Any HOPE for My Fractured Family?

5We are attached to Jesus by a lifeline of faith. It is our faith connection with Jesus Christ who is already in heaven. Sure, there are waves and storms out here, but there is safety and security in the harbor. Jesus, our anchor has been firmly established there, so it’s our job to hang onto hope.