An Insider's Guide

Planning the Trip of a Lifetime

1Almost everyone goes through life with a partial sense of dissatisfaction. We’re looking for the “it.” And we’re not even sure what the “it” is. People attempt all kinds of thrills and experiences to see if that’s “it.” The “it” is heaven.

What Happens When a Person Dies?

2WWhere will you be five nanoseconds after you die? Some people might answer, “I don’t care.” But you will care five seconds after you die. Others answer, “I don’t know.” How sad not to have assurance of eternal life. But if you have placed your faith in Jesus you can say with assurance, “I’ll be away from this body and at home with the Lord—forever!”

Heaven’s Activity Guide

3Get ready for the most amazing new heaven and new earth, more beautiful and bountiful than you can ever imagine. That’s where we’ll be living for eternity. And once you understand the things we’ll be doing in Heaven, there’s no way it can be boring.

Have You Confirmed Your Reservation in Heaven?

4Jesus is preparing a place for us. But don’t imagine a private room with walls and a door you can lock, like a hotel. There will be no need for locks in Heaven. Think about sharing a big house with all the other Heavenly Family members—more like a bed and breakfast.