Connected Through Your Creator

1I’m amazed by how many Christians report they have never received a message directly from God. What are you listening for? Are you waiting for an audible voice? Or are you looking for God to write a message across the sky in letters a hundred feet tall? Or perhaps you check your email every day to get a message from [email protected]. Don’t hold your breath. You need to know God speaks to His children through His written Word, the Bible.

Connected Through Your Church

2People in our culture are hungry to be connected. We are a generation of “screenagers” that spends hours in front of a computer screen or a video screen trying to connect with the people we see on television. The best place to make friends and build meaningful relationships in through the Church, the Body of Christ.

Connected Through Your Community

3Telling others about Jesus must be our top priority. How can we be content to go to heaven when there are thousands around us who haven’t yet trusted Christ? It’s as if we have been rescued from drowning and we’re sitting in the lifeboat of salvation while all around us the water is full of drowning people who are calling out for help.

Connected Through Your Commitments

4Have you ever heard the expression “prime the pump?” Back in the days when people used hand water pumps, you had to pour water into the pump to often get water flowing out of it. Think of your resources as the jug of water–and then think of God’s blessings as the cool, stream of gushing water.