God’s Precious Promises

1God’s promises are certain, they are conditional, and they reveal His character. There are over 7,000 promises God has made to you in the Bible. How many of them have you claimed for yourself? God offered these precious promises to you, but they are worthless unless you claim them.

Seven Steps to Spiritual Health

2When the ancient Egyptians built the great pyramids, they had to start with a perfect foundation in order to build up toward the pinnacle. The same is true about spiritual growth. An examination of the seven layers of spiritual health.

How to be Absolutely Sure About This Election

3The future of America is at stake in every Presidential election, but the future of the universe doesn’t depend on who is sitting in the White House in Washington. It all depends on Who is sitting on the Great White throne in heaven. The election spoken of in the Bible is the act whereby God elects men and women to be His children. It is a Divine Election for salvation. And it is possible to be absolutely sure about this election.

In-Tents Living

4Give me a home anytime rather than a tent! That’s what the Bible promises us. This body is susceptible to pain, weariness, and hunger. Our resurrection body will be like the body of our Lord. In heaven there will be no pain, no sorrow, no sickness and death. That’s why death isn’t a scary subject for a follower of Jesus Christ.

Seven Wonders of the Word of God, part 1

5Pastor David Dykes explains wonders 1-4 of the Seven Wonders contained in Bible. The Bible is the supernatural Word of God; people who read it and obey it have an experience like the dawning of a new day. It changes their lives.

Seven Wonders of the Word of God, part 2

6Pastor David Dykes explains wonders 5-7 of the Seven Wonders contained in Bible. Most people will never see all seven of these natural wonders, but anyone with a copy of the Bible can experience the seven wonders of the Word of God. When you get a firm grasp on the Bible and start applying it to your life, you’ll find Jesus on every page.

FALSE (teachers) ALARM!

7In Old Testament times, there were false prophets, and Peter warned there would be false teachers in the church. There were false teachers in the church 2,000 years ago, and they are still around today. A comparison and contrast of false teachers and faithful teachers.

God’s Search and Rescue Mission

8God loves you so much He organized a search and rescue mission just for you. He sent His only Son all the way from the riches of heaven to seek you and save you. God loves you more than you can ever imagine.

How to I.D. Counterfeit Christians

9Our faith is more precious than gold, but counterfeit Christians possess a false faith–it’s like fool’s gold. Their faith may appear to be real on the surface, but when it is put to the test it is found to be fake. When a counterfeit Christian faces the heat, they generally give up on God–because their faith is not genuine. But when a genuine Believer endures painful trials, their faith stands the test.

Lessons from a Sick Dogs and Slimy Hogs

10A pig returns to its mud because it is the nature of a pig to love mud. Don’t be surprised when you see some people start attending church, and seem to clean up their lives, only to go running back into the same old filthy, sinful lifestyle. Their nature was never changed. A counterfeit Christian is like that old pig. The lesson of the prodigal pig is this: You can clean a person up on the outside, but unless their inner nature is changed, they will always return to sin.

How to Answer a Sarcastic Skeptic

11Don’t be surprised when you encounter skeptics who mock and ridicule you because you believe in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. This isn’t some fantasy doctrine that has been dreamed up in the past 100 years by nutty American preachers. Since the beginning of the creation, God has been moving this world toward an event that will serve as the culmination and climax of His dealing with mankind.

God’s Personality Profile

12We are finite people. It’s hard for us to even grasp the concept of an eternal God. Our lives are defined by beginnings and endings. But God didn’t have a beginning and He’ll never have an ending. When the Bible says God is infinite, here’s the plain meaning: God isn’t limited by time or space. He doesn’t wear a watch. He’s never been late–or early. God doesn’t occupy any space, yet He occupies it all. He’s never had to stop and ask for directions because He’s never been lost.

What Kind of Person Should I Be?

13The greatest tragedy in the church today is there are thousands of people who claim to be Christians, but they are stuck in a level of spiritual immaturity. They are spiritual babies. We all love babies. We love to ooh and ahh over them. But there’s nothing attractive about a 40-year-old baby.