Turning Chaos into Character

The Daniel Diet

1It’s easy to trust God when things are going great. But when the bottom falls out, and that’s when the trial comes. Will you still trust God then? Daniel did. And you can, too. The greatest triumph of life is to stay pure in the midst of moral decay.

When Dreams Come True

2A study of the dream a king had 2,600 years ago that also had personal, national, and eternal significance.

Prophecy is History in Reverse

3The image of the statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream is still standing, because we are living in the time of man’s kingdoms. But there was more to the dream!

How to Keep Your Cool When the Heat is On

4God is not some heavenly puppet, and your prayer is not some string you pull. God is the King of the Universe, and He always knows what’s best. Why don’t you stop running from Him?

The Bigger They are, the Harder They Fall

5There is a huge difference between regret over your sins and repentance. True repentance does what Daniel says: You renounce your sin and change your behavior.

Turn on the Lights–The Party’s Over

6The story of Belshazzar’s banquet while the enemy raged outside the city walls and an examination of the writing that appeared on the wall, written by the finger of God.

The Lions in Daniel’s Den

7Daniel had a living, personal, relationship with the God of heaven. He carried on a conversation with the God of the Universe three times a day, and when he found himself in the pit, God was there.

God’s Animal Farm

8The most important question we can ask ourselves is, “Is my name written down in the Lamb’s Book of Life?” But can we know for sure? Yes you can.

The Little Horn with the Big Mouth

9When we see things predicted in the Bible that have already come true, it gives us great assurance that those things yet to happen will also come true. An examination of Daniel’s prophetic dream and how it came true.

Confession IS Good for the Soul

10We need a revival in America in the deepest way. The problem is not with the pornographer, the bootlegger, the casino, or the drug pusher. God never said anything about those folks repenting.

The 70 Sevens: God’s Countdown

11Daniel’s prophecy in Daniel 9 is neither a vision nor a dream. There are no strange symbols of animals or statues. It is a direct message to the prophet from God, delivered by the angel Gabriel.

Prayer is Spiritual Warfare

12We have an enemy who stands in our pathway of progress. We have a spiritual weapon with “divine power to demolish strongholds.” Are you using this weapon? Prayer is where the real battle takes place when we get up off our knees, then we go out to enjoy the spoils of battle.

When History and Prophecy Meet

13Daniel chapters 10-12 make up one final climactic prophecy. The prophecy is shared in a straightforward uncomplicated way. The angel makes it clear he is talking about kings and kingdoms.

God’s Final Forecast

14Some people think they can live with one foot in the world and with one foot in the kingdom of Jesus. They have two lifestyles, one for church and one for the rest of the time. As we get closer to the end, this option will disappear, like a boat drifting away, and you have one foot on the dock and one foot in the boat, you are going to have to decide: Jesus or this world?