All Around Us
The Amazing Truth About Angels

1I want to ask you throughout this study of angels to commit yourself to believe what God’s Word says about angels, not what you read in a magazine article or what somebody says happened to them, but what God’s Word says about it. I want to separate the fantasy from the facts. We’re going to study five of the fantasies the world holds and compare and contrast them to the facts of the Word.

The Ministry of Angels

2The question often asked is, “If angels are ministering spirits and then we have God’s blessed Holy Spirit what’s the difference between the two? Why doesn’t he just do everything through his Holy Spirit?” I’m not about to tell you I know all the mysteries of the scriptures. There is a certain mystery about the person of God and the reality of angels we can never figure out but as best I can determine, it seems like God’s Holy Spirit comes to live inside of us as Christians. Angels never live inside of a person and the Holy Spirit ministers to us spiritually, whereas God’s ministering spirits have been given the ability to minister to us even physically.

The Lord of Angels

3When you think about angels, I hope that you will only look at angels in your spiritual peripheral vision. When you look at a star at night, sometimes when you look right at that star, you cannot see it, but when you look to the side, you can see that star in your peripheral vision. Our focus should be looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Be aware in your peripheral vision of the presence of God’s ministering spirits. Today, wer are going to see how angels interfaced with the life and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Message of Angels

4As you study the word of God, you’ll find that many times angels have told people to go and speak up for Christ. I told you earlier in this study that angels do not preach the gospel to lost people, because angels don’t understand the gospel. They’ve never been lost; they’ve never been saved, and so, it would be wonderful it would be easier for us if God would just send evangelistic angels all throughout the world and preach the gospel, but he doesn’t do that. We’re the ones to preach the gospel.