The Troublemaker from Tekoa

1The difference between a pastor and a prophet is a pastor tries to comfort the afflicted; a prophet tries to afflict the comfortable. Amos 1-2.

Judgement Begins at Home

2 Even when we are not faithful to God, God is always faithful to us. Amos 2:4-16.

Fat Cows of Bashan

3Are you prepared to meet God in Judgement? Amos 4:1-13.

Seek God and Live

4When you look healthy on the outside but you are rotting on the inside.

Let Justice Roll on Like a River

5God corrects Israel’s confusion about the Day of the Lord.

The Problem with Spiritual Pride

6Amos calls the Israelites’ spiritual pride senseless. The fruit of their spiritual pride will lead to Israel’s destruction and oppression.

God is Slow to Anger

7Amos has three visions of the destruction of Israel.

Unpleasant Message? Attack the Messenger!

8Amos defends himself against Amaziah’s accusations.