A Champion Conquers Fear! (Benaiah)

The Bible never tells us how many possessions Benaiah accumulated; instead we’re told about his mighty exploits, which is another word for his experiences. I can just picture King David sorting through the résumés for a bodyguard. One says, “I majored in security at the University of Jerusalem. Another one says, “I worked for Brinks Armored Chariots.” He laid those aside, and picks up Benaiah’s. “I ripped a spear from an Egyptian giant, and killed a lion in a pit on a snowy day.” David said, “That’s the man with the kind of experience that I’m looking for!” Later he gave him the job of leading his entire army! Have you ever considered that God allows you to go through tough challenges because He is simply building your spiritual résumé? Every lion you go after is preparing you for bigger and better challenges.