About Death

Help! Someone I Love is Dying

1Many of you may have experienced or are currently experiencing pain because someone you love is dying. That’s the kind of pain that’s really hard to deal with but it is the kind of pain that just about every one of us will face during life.

Deceived by the Light

2Reports of near-death experiences have confused a lot of people. Many of us want to know the same thing: what happens at the point of death?

Death: The Last Frontier?

3Jesus said there are only two destinies at the point of death: Hell or Paradise. Most people don’t even believe in hell. People deny the fact there is a hell. And if there is a hell, why would God send people there?

Walking Through the Valley of Grief

4The stages and categories of grief are not hard and fast. People’s grief experiences will be as different as their own personalities. But it’s good for you to understand that you CAN survive grief and move forward after being devastated by the death of a loved one.

Preparing for Your Final Appointment

5When we stand before the Lord, He’ll pass out rewards. Some of you are thinking you don’t want any rewards. That’s the point. If you’re serving the Lord for rewards, you won’t get any but if you’re serving the Lord because you love him and because you obey him, you can’t help but get rewards. He is the one determining it–not you.