The Romance of Redemption

On the Road Again: Going the Wrong Way

1The story of Elimilech is a picture of a backslidden Christian. Backsliding happens when a Christian stops advancing in their walk with God and instead slides back into their old sins and habits. Four observations from Ruth about a backslidden Christian.

You CAN Return to God

2The story of Ruth is so much more than just a romantic tale of love and marriage. It is a powerful parable of the Christian life. A study of the four main characters in Ruth 1 and how each of them represents a different spiritual experience.

Living in the Field of Grace

3The story of Ruth and Boaz is more than a love story. It’s a grace story. A look at grace from the perspective of the giver of grace, Boaz, who represents Jesus and a look at grace from the perspective of the recipient of grace, Ruth, who represents us.

My Redeemer Lives!

4The meaning of the important phrase “kinsman-redeemer” and what Boaz did for Ruth gives us a better appreciation what our Redeemer, Jesus, has done for us.

A Match Made in Heaven

5The story of Boaz and Ruth’s rendezvous on the threshing floor. A discussion of Naomi’s hope, Ruth’s faith, Boaz’s love and Jesus’ grace.

Redeemed, Rescued and Rewarded

6In this drama about love and redemption, there is a crisis that must be overcome before Boaz can marry Ruth. This is also a story of God’s love for us and our redemption. In much the same way, there are some issues that must be settled in our understanding of salvation before we can fully accept Jesus as our Kinsman-Redeemer. So, I want to talk about the rival redeemer, the real redeemer and the redeemer’s reward.

God’s Invisible Hand at Work

7There aren’t any outright miracles in the story of Ruth, but it is filled with evidence of the Divine fingerprints of God’s invisible hand at work. Sometimes what we think are simply random events are actually the invisible hand of God working to guide us toward His goal for us–to make us more like Jesus. How God was working in the lives of Naomi, Ruth, Obed and in our own lives.