of Jesus Christ

What’s Your Verdict?

4Nothing will make you more miserable than carrying about a bitter spirit of unforgiveness. Arthritis is pretty painful, but there’s something worse than arthritis—grudgitis. When you harbor unforgiveness it makes your food taste bad, it keeps you from sleeping well, and it will send you to an early grave.

The Place of the Skull

5As a boy, when I read in the Bible that Pilate had Jesus “scourged” I didn’t understand that word. I remember asking my Pastor what that word meant. He could have replied it meant to “be beaten” and he would have been technically correct. Instead he gave me an answer I’ll never forget. He said, “David, that was when a cruel Roman soldier turned the bare back of Jesus into hamburger meat.”

Three Cross-Roads

6If you’ve trusted Jesus, then the moment you die, you can claim that part of His promise, “Today, you’ll be with me in paradise.”

Uninvited Guests at the Last Supper

1Don’t be too quick to condemn Judas. He serves as a warning to us all that we can be close to the things of Jesus, yet in your heart be as spiritually dead as Judas, for God reveals all of us has a Benedict Arnold and a Judas inside of us.

How to Survive Satan’s Sifting

2Satan wants to sift you to bring your imperfections and flaws to the surface. But Jesus is praying for you, your faith won’t fail. So even if have failed the Lord before, don’t quit, run back to him and He can still use you.

The Bitter Cup of Suffering

3If you can come to the place in your prayer life when you say, “God I take my hands off my life. I remove my plans and I’ll do what you want me to do” then you’ll be able to trust God’s plan for your tough circumstance.

The Extreme Love of the Cross

7God’s judgement against sin is like a raging wildfire—nothing can stop it. The only way you and I can escape it is to stand where the fire of God’s judgement has already fallen. And the only safe place is to stand at the cross of Jesus, where God’s judgement against sin has already burned.

The End of Your Grave Problems

8One of the greatest proofs of the resurrection is the fact that nobody has ever produced the corpse of Jesus. The Romans couldn’t be convicted of murder in an American courtroom today because there is no corpse. Even if you’re a skeptic, you’ve got to answer the question: What happened to the body of Jesus?

It’s Not the End, It’s Just the Beginning!

9When you meet the living Christ, you won’t have to TRY to be a witness; you’ll naturally BE a witness. That’s what happens when you know Jesus. You won’t be ashamed to tell the whole world how much He means to you.