Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

1Salvation is like a bath. What a bath does to your body, salvation does to your soul—it cleans you up on the inside. But as we walk in a dirty world, our spiritual feet get dirty, and we have to stay in His Word to stay pure and clean.

Spare the Rod, and Spoil the Child

2There are some things a child can learn through the seat of his pants that otherwise he would have to learn later in life at the cost of much greater suffering.

Money is the Root of All Evil

3Let’s face it: It’s not money people love—it’s the things that money buys—all the stuff. When your life is driven by a desire to have more and more stuff, you can suffer from what I’m calling possession obsession.

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

4Laziness is part of our sinful nature. Some people would love to just lay around and have God put food in their mouth and then massage their jaws to chew it, and tickle their throats so they’ll swallow it.

God Won’t Put More on You Than You Can Bear

5To us, a broken dish is worthless, or a broken television is no good, but to God, brokenness makes a vessel more usable. God uses broken things.

To Err is Human; to Forgive Divine

6Jesus introduced the concept of grace–not responding in anger, but giving people what they need–forgiveness. It was a revolutionary concept, and it still is. Forgiveness is expensive, but it’s not nearly as expensive as seeking revenge.

When God Shuts One Door, He Opens Another

7Have you ever been excited about an opportunity and suddenly found the door closed? The worst thing you can do is to camp out at that closed door. Don’t quit—keep on moving, and God will direct your paths.

God Moves in Mysterious Ways

8Many people think God’s ways are so mysterious they are beyond our understanding. Perhaps the phrase “God moves in mysterious ways” was coined because in the Bible, God often did the unexpected. God seldom acts or moves the way we think He should.

Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

9When a person continually ignores the dictates of his conscience, the conscience can become faulty. The same way a magnet can ruin a compass can happen to your conscience when you expose it to repeated sin—it no longer is reliable guide.

To Thine Own Self Be True

10The word “tolerance” has undergone change. It used to mean “respecting the beliefs and practices of others without agreeing with them.” The new use of the word tolerance means that I must not only allow but I must accept the beliefs and practices of those with whom I disagree. Now there are only subjective opinions and if someone’s truth differs from your truth you must accept it as being as valid as your truth; if you don’t, you are labeled as intolerant.