Their Major Message

Could America Ever Disappear?


1Historians tell us there have been twenty-one great empires of the past, and all of them are gone.

Can America Return to God?


2Not only does Joel tell us WHY disasters come, He also clearly outlines how we should learn from them and turn to God—actual “re-turn” to God.

High Noon in Nineveh!


3The more peculiar the messenger, the more powerful the message. Guest Speaker Lanny Bridges

Will Apathy Destroy America?


4As I read the prophecy of Amos, I can’t help but notice the similarities between ancient Israel and modern America. It was a time of great prosperity for Israel, but it was also a time of great immorality. But in the midst of it all, they just didn’t really care. They were complacent.

There is HOPE for America!


5America isn’t Israel, but there is a recurring historical pattern in Israel’s history that can be seen in our nation.

America Needs a Shepherd


6In the book of Micah, God presents three sources of evidence of moral decline—things we’re seeing in America.

Does America Need a Clean Sweep?


7When God looks at America, I can imagine He grieves over our spiritual condition. Sins that used to appall us 30 years ago now simply amuse us. We’ve lost our spiritual equilibrium.

What was America Like a Century Ago?


8Nahum’s short but powerful prophecy is one of the most under-appreciated books in the Bible. But there’s nothing ho-hum about Nahum. Like a talented artist, Nahum skillfully paints a picture of the character and nature of God.

Are You Worried About America’s Future?


9Habakkuk shows us there’s nothing wrong with asking God tough questions. But don’t expect Him to give you the kind of answer you’re searching for.

It’s Time to Rebuild Our Spiritual Foundation!


10In some ways the Jews who returned to Jerusalem were like Americans. They were more concerned about their own comfort than the ministry of God. They built beautiful houses for themselves while the Temple only had a foundation. Their love for possessions had turned their hearts from God.

Is America Ready for Jesus to Return?


11There are several important prophecies about the second coming of Jesus Zechariah left us.

Could God Ever Curse America?


12God’s love is a matter of His grace, not our worthiness. Five truths about the character and nature of God.