Are You a Debt Row Prisoner?

1If you are serious about becoming debt free, then you must call an absolute halt on any new debt. If the faucet is running, it doesn’t do any good to mop up the floor until you turn the faucet off! Find out what debt is, where debt comes from, and how you can develop a plan to start living debt free.

Taming the Money Monster

2Money can be a monster if you love it more than God. There’s nothing inherently evil about money—it’s just a measure of value. Money can be used for good or evil. Money can be used to buy drugs, or it can be used to buy bread for a hungry child. Money can be used to buy missiles, or it can be used to send missionaries around the world.

Is There Life After Debt?

3We live in a culture that promotes greed. Everyone wants more and more, but the truth is LESS is more. The Bible says “godliness with contentment is great gain.” You live in one of two tents; either you’re content, or you’re discontent. We’ve all met people who are never content—things are never the way they want them to be.