Believe and Live!
Series in progress
In the Beginning

1The God who fashioned the stars and galaxies fashioned you, and the God who holds all matter can sustain your life and keep you from falling apart.

Light and Life to All He Brings

2John’s main job was to bear witness to the light. That’s our job, also. We can’t just be content to have the light and life that Jesus gives us; we must always be pointing people to the light and life that Jesus can give them.

Receive to Believe

3You cannot inherit salvation from your parents.

Full of Grace and Truth

4Grace and mercy are two sides of the same coin. Mercy is God withholding the punishment I deserve and Grace is God giving me what I need instead of what I deserve.

John the Baptist: The Great I AM NOT

5John the Baptist was so humble even he didn’t realize the full extent of how God was using him as the forerunner of the Messiah.

Look to the Lamb of God

6There were two miracles that occurred at Jesus’ baptism.

Jesus: A Man’s Man

7When Jesus looks at you, He sees your spiritual potential.

Jesus Saves the Best for Last

8The same Savior who changed water into fine wine can change a rotten sinner into a blessed saint.

The Third Temple Exists Today

9Have you allowed Jesus to rescue you? Before He can rescue you, you must quit trying to save yourself and trust Jesus to rescue you.

How Many Times Have You Been Born?

10We need a new birth because our first birth put us the family of humanity. We are all sinners by nature and by choice.

Look and Live!

11There are a lot people today who have been snake bitten with a spirit of dissatisfaction.

God’s Love: The Most Powerful Force in the Universe

12God’s love is like sunshine–it’s there–but don’t blame God if you choose to stand in the shade.

The Turning Point of Human History

13In our sinful condition, we are like spiritual teenagers. We don’t want to run into the arms of God. We feel safer hiding away in the bedroom of our self-centeredness.

Bad News–Good News

14To believe in Jesus doesn’t mean to believe facts about Jesus; the word believe means to trust.

Come to the Light

15How do we live as children of light in such a darkened culture?

Attitudes for a Successful Life

16The joy of Jesus shines the brightest when our situations are the darkest.

Three “Musts” You Can Trust

17You can live a life of good works and win fifty Nobel Prizes, but there’s no other way to get to heaven except through the blood of the cross.

Three Strikes and You’re NOT Out!

18The woman at the well was transformed from a sad picture of sin into a beautiful trophy of grace.

Living Water and Loving Worship, part 1

19Living water isn’t some magic potion. In fact, it may surprise you to learn what the living water really is: It is the Holy Spirit living in you.

Living Water and Loving Worship, part 2

20Thousands attend worship on Sunday, but many never enter into the experience of truly worshipping God.

A Dream of Fields

21People expect me to talk about Jesus–I’m the professional salesman. But when you talk about Jesus, you are the satisfied customer.

Believing IS Seeing

22We are by nature, skeptical people and our fallen nature wants to find something tangible so we can say, “Seeing is believing.”

Do You WANT to Get Well?

23As a follower of Jesus, you’ll never accomplish the impossible until you attempt the impossible.

Who is Equal to God?

24Three important principles to understand how to live a life that is surrendered to God.

It’s GOOD to Know the Judge

25There’s a great deal of misunderstanding of what eternal life is. Many of us grew up on the good old King James Version which often translated it “everlasting life.” So it’s easy to get the idea that eternal life is talking about a length of existence. Eternal life really is a quality of life.

Moses Knew About Jesus!

26We don’t know how many miracles Jesus performed, but we do know why He performed miracles. It wasn’t just to perform random acts of kindness to help hurting people. He performed the miracles so we would believe and when we believe, we would experience life.

All You Can Eat…and MORE

27Have you ever noticed that God delights to use small things? God used a little boy named David to kill a giant. God used a teenage girl in Nazareth to give birth to His Son. And God used that baby in a manger to become the Savior of the World.

When Jesus Walks into Your Fears

28If Jesus cared so much for the disciples, why did He let them go out into a storm? And why did I have to go through this terrible struggle? Jesus knew the storm was coming; in fact He MADE them get into the boat. Jesus doesn’t pray for us to avoid the storms, He prays for us to endure the storms.

The Great I AM: The Bread of Life

29Salvation is a miracle from heaven. When you receive Jesus, you are saved. You don’t need to be saved again every day. But, like manna, you do need to feed on the Word of God every day to stay spiritually healthy.

The Wonder of Salvation

30Jesus didn’t come to add years to your life, but to add LIFE to your years! Eternal life is not a quantity of life, it is not how long it is, it’s how deep it is, how wide, how wonderful it is, how good it is.

The Danger of Defective Discipleship

31Judas was one of the twelve disciples chosen to be a part of Jesus’ team. He had the other disciples fooled. He appeared to be a true disciple, but from the beginning, Jesus knew Judas was a deceiver. Judas followed Jesus. He saw the miracles of Jesus, but He never believed. His heart was never changed.

How to Handle Disappointments and Disagreements

32As we continue the moral conversation with our culture, let’s not argue with anybody. We need to have light without heat. We must speak the truth in love. Truth without love is cruelty. Love without truth is cowardice. We need both truth and love.

When Jesus was in a Feast Fight

33God is a lot more interested in the condition of a person’s heart than on what you see on the outside.

The Secret of an Overflowing Life

34There are many empty people—but they aren’t thirsty. The gasoline tank on my car has been empty many times, but it’s never been thirsty. There are people like that. They have a passing interest in the things of God, but there is no burning, blistering thirst of desire to know the deep things of God.

Jesus: The Great Divider

35When it comes to the Body of Christ, the church, there is unity. And we are all ONE in Christ Jesus. But when it comes to how the world reacts to the truth about Jesus, there is always division.

Where Misery and Mercy Meet

36What’s that in your hand today? Is it a rock and you find yourself being obsessed with a sense of always being cynical and hypercritical? You can’t have an open hand of grace as long as you’re holding on to a rock in your fist. The message the Holy Spirit has for some of you today is to drop your rocks.

Jesus: The Light of the World

37Light and life are connected. Where there is light there is life. God arranged our days in a way so there are hours of sunlight to wake and live and then He turns off the light by rotating the earth so we are in the shadow of the sun. He gave us night as a gift so we can sleep and recharge our batteries.

The Truth Will Set You Free; Or It Will Make You Mad

38Growing older in age doesn’t necessarily equate with growing deeper spiritually. There’s no magic pill for spiritual growth. But there are four spiritual disciplines you can practice consistently over a period of time that will result in spiritual growth.

Like Father, Like Son

39There is a difference in just believing in Jesus and truly receiving Jesus. You can believe in Jesus mentally, but still not have received Jesus to dwell in your heart by faith. You can only enter God’s family by being born again. Just as certain people have physical birthmarks, there are at least two spiritual birthmarks of a child of God.

Death Removed

40100% GUARANTEED The hope for immortality continues and will continue through humanity. There are many things you and I share in common, but the primary characteristic is that one day we will face death. Jesus addresses this reality that is coming to all of us, for all of humanity, that life here on earth as we know it will come to an end. It is guaranteed to happen. Not even the richest, nor the poorest, nor our economic or social status matters, because we will face death.

Here’s Mud in Your Eye

41It is true that all suffering is a result of sin. We all suffer from the fallout of the fall of Adam and Eve. And some people do bring about their own suffering, especially in the case of the who suffer from addictions. But according to Jesus, we are wrong when we try to find a cause and effect reason for every person who has a disability or is suffering.

The Night is Coming…

42When it comes to salvation, hesitation can lead to procrastination, which can lead to eternal devastation. Take the opportunity to follow Jesus and express your love to others. Audio: Michael Gossett; Transcript: David O. Dykes.

The Blind Man’s Bluff

43BEASTS OF BURDEN The Pharisees criticized Jesus because He refused to obey the man-made rules about the Sabbath. In the time of Jesus, Jewish rabbis had taken a simple commandment, “remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy.” And had added hundreds of trivial regulations through the oral law and the Talmud. What God had intended as a Sabbath blessing they had turned into a Sabbath burden.

The Tragedy of Spiritual Blindness

44EARS SHUT, EYES CLOSED, WILL LOSE. I don’t need evidence to believe Jesus is the Son of God, but when you present the evidence of the bodily Resurrection of Jesus, some people refuse to look at the evidence. When you give the irrefutable evidence that over 60 Messianic predictions in the Old Testament were precisely fulfilled by Jesus of Nazareth, some people don’t even want to examine the evidence. Their attitude is, “My mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the facts.” There is none so blind as he who will not see.

Jesus is the Only Gate to Heaven

45Worry doesn’t remove the sorrow of tomorrow; it only robs the joy from today. So when you have trouble sleeping, stop counting sheep. Instead, try talking the Shepherd. He is your refuge and your refreshment.

What’s So Good About the Good Shepherd?

46ONE FLOCK I believe that when we get to Heaven we are going to be surprised with the diversity of people there. We think of America as being a Christian nation, but in Heaven we will make up on a tiny minority of people who have been redeemed through the ages. There will be one flock and one shepherd.