iFocus Faith App

1Spiritual principles that will show you how you can exercise the faith necessary to make this year the very best year of your life.

iFocus Opportunities App

2Jesus’ personal encounter with the Samaritan woman turns an outcast into an evangelist who brought other people into a relationship with Jesus that created a chain reaction of of salvation for hundreds of others. A challenge about how God can use you the same way He used this woman from Samaria.

iFocus Worship App

3Our work for God must spring from our worship of God. Too often we come into a worship service and leave totally unchanged. It’s possible to come to a worship service, but never actually worship. Worship means you meet God and you express your adoration to Him, and every time you encounter God, your life is changed.

iFocus on Giving App

4Why Jesus commanded us not to judge or condemn but instead to forgive. A comparison and contrast of our human world economy of materialism and God’s economic system of generosity.