of Healthy Believers

In God’s Word and in Friendship

1We use the wrong language, which leads to wrong understanding. You don’t GO to church on Sunday; you ARE the church.

Persistent Prayer and Powerful Faith

2I believe every Christian WANTS to have a dynamic personal prayer life, but sometimes they don’t know how to pray.

The Beauty of Unity and Generosity

3Unity isn’t uniformity or unification. It is a bonding that only the Holy Spirit can create.

Celebrative Worship and Caring Groups

4The early church model for large group worship and small group fellowship is still effective today.

Reaching Out and Welcoming In

5The Book of Acts can be summarized in three prepositions: UP, DOWN, and OUT. Jesus went UP, the Holy Spirit came DOWN, and the people went OUT. They went out sharing the good news about Jesus with their family and friends.