For Hurting Families

Will the Real Men PLEASE Stand Up?

1God really is looking for a few good men: Are you willing to be God’s Man? Are you willing to stand up and be counted as the man who will stand in the gap for your family? Will you stand in the gap for your nations? Will you stand in the gap for your church?

Where are the Proverbs 31 Women?

2Most people agree that Proverbs 31 contains the description of a real lady, a first class female. When many women read Proverbs 31 they get discouraged because they think it is too high a standard.

Is Your Home a Lighthouse?

3All around you there are people who are lost and confused. They have no clear direction in life. God has given you the light and now He says, “Let your light shine.” Will you be the lighthouse that shows people you care enough to be willing to see that their personal ship lands safely within the protective harbor of God’s love?

Nine Words That Can Heal Your Marriage

4There is no such thing as a perfect marriage or a perfect family, but our goal is to have healthy marriages and healthy families. Sometimes even the best marriages have problems and a “marriage sickness” can infect a husband a wife.