How to Be A Champion for God

A Champion Conquers Fear!


1The Bible never tells us how many possessions Benaiah accumulated; instead we’re told about his mighty exploits, which is another word for his experiences. Have you ever considered that God allows you to go through tough challenges because He is simply building your spiritual résumé? Every lion you go after is preparing you for bigger and better challenges.

A Champion Takes Risks!


2There are so many things I admire about Abigail. She was married to a fool, yet she was willing to defend him. She didn’t defend Nabal because he was good and deserved it, she did it because SHE was good and it was the right thing to do.

A Champion Does the Right Thing!

Puah and Shiphrah

3The bravery of Puah and Shiphrah NOT to kill the boy babies saved an entire generation of Hebrew men. Included in that generation was a man named Moses—God’s deliverer. If Puah and Shiphrah hadn’t displayed the bravery to defy Pharaoh’s order, Moses’ mother may never have placed Moses in a basket in the river to be discovered by Pharaoh’s daughter.

A Champion Can Stand Alone!


4Four hundred prophets were saying, “Go to war and you’ll win.” Micaiah had the courage to stand up and speak God’s truth. He had to go against the crowd. He faced peer pressure just as we do today.

A Champion Turns Adversity into Advantage!


5Ehud was left-handed, but he didn’t allow his disadvantage to stop him from being God’s servant. What’s your excuse? God is looking for people who turn adversity into advantage. God delights in using people that the world thinks are unfit.